FAQs about Child Sponsorship

How long do I need to sponsor my child for?2020-05-12T05:32:07+00:00

For the majority of the children in our program, we are looking for sponsors committed to sponsoring their child until the completion of their high school studies. We do have a selected number of children in which we commit to supporting through university completion and notify their sponsors of such cases.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?2020-05-12T05:32:12+00:00

You have the opportunity to further impact your child’s life through giving extra gifts. Items such as food, clothing, and livestock are tangible gifts that will make a difference on a daily basis. You can order a gift from our online catalog any time of the year. Our field staff will purchase your gifts and deliver them directly to your child during the month following your gift donation. You will receive a personalized thank you letter and photo from your child for these gifts.

Can I write to my sponsored child?2020-05-12T05:32:19+00:00

Writing a letter to your sponsored child is a valuable gift that they will cherish forever. They would love to hear about your family, friends and daily life and receive a photo of your family. Corresponding is a great way for you to connect on a deeper level with your child.

Simply send your handwritten letter to the Seven Wells office at 71 Leisure Bay, Winnipeg, MB, R2Y 0W9 or email your letters to admin@sevenwells.ca. Please include your child’s full name and ID number on the envelope or subject line of the email. One letter per email or envelope makes it easier for us to send to Africa. We will mail your letter and family photo to Africa every month. Please do not enclose any gifts as we cannot forward them to your child with the letter.

Will I get letters from my sponsored child?2020-05-12T05:32:24+00:00

Yes, you will receive letters from your sponsored child three times per year. They usually write in the spring, late summer, and at Christmas time.

How do you select children to enter the sponsorship program?2020-05-12T05:32:29+00:00

Children are selected based on their need of assistance and their level of commitment to participating in the programs that we provide

What does sponsorship provide for the child and their family?2020-05-12T05:32:37+00:00

Sponsorship provides educational support and materials, basic healthcare provisions and ongoing mentoring and Christian discipleship

Can I pay annually, or quarterly?2020-05-12T05:32:42+00:00

You can pay monthly by automatic credit card or withdrawal from your bank or quarterly/annually by cheque or automatic contribution via credit card or bank withdrawal.

How can I pay?2020-05-12T05:32:47+00:00

You can pay by credit card, or by automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

How much does it cost?2023-12-12T15:01:58+00:00

Sponsorship costs $45.00 CAD per month.