About Child Sponsorship

According to a recent Unicef World Bank report, 170 million children, or nearly half of all children in sub-Saharan Africa, are living in extreme poverty. On average, 87 million will be born into poverty each year in the 2020s.

Childhood poverty is associated with increased risks of ill-health and mortality, malnutrition, and reduced opportunities for learning. It’s a double blow – firstly, that children are twice as likely as an adult to live in extreme poverty, but also that children are much less likely than an adult to be able to cope with extreme poverty because of stunting, infant mortality, and early childhood development,

Each year, 246 million Africans aged 15-24 enter the labour market. The keys to unlocking the vast potential of this generation include education, investment in training, and removal of the barriers that deny African girls and young women a chance to flourish.

Sponsor A Child

Tax deductible in Canada

Help us raise a new generation!

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 left hundreds of thousands of orphans who were destitute and incapable of supporting themselves. In recent years, the AIDS crisis has made things worse. Thousands of households are headed by children as young as 9 years of age, trying to care for one another and keep the family together. Every day more than 160,000 children in Rwanda go without food, shelter, clothing or medical care. You can help to free them from this prison!

Even with one or both parents, children often go without adequate nutrition and medical care. School fees are out of reach for these who live on the edge. Such children are destined to repeat this vicious cycle of poverty.

For only $45.00 a month, you can help a child.

How Do I Sponsor a Child?

Click here to sponsor a child.

You may pay by credit card, or automatic withdrawal from your bank account. If you choose automatic withdrawal, please send a voided cheque.

Your child will begin enjoying the benefits of your sponsorship almost immediately!

All sponsorship fees and donations are tax deductible in Canada

What does child sponsorship provide?

For $45.00 a month, you can provide…

Education – A sponsored child will receive school fees, school uniforms and supplies until they have completed their secondary education.

Health care – Sponsorship provides health care for the child. Because children die of simple diseases such as malaria every day, this basic health care can save lives at a small cost. Seven Wells also provides education to the families about hygiene and basic health for life.

Nutritional Supplements – In some circumstances, a child may be severely malnourished and in need of extra supplementation. Seven Wells staff evaluate each case to determine what supplements are needed.

Family support – While child sponsorship is aimed at helping the child, Seven Wells also offers support to single or widowed mothers. They are given the opportunity to learn a trade such as goat rearing, sewing or farming. We also provide HIV/AIDS counselling to mothers who are infected but still providing for their families.

Discipleship – Each child in our sponsorship program attends our Saturday children’s club. Not only do they receive spiritual discipleship, but they have the opportunity to be involved with singing, dancing, and sports groups. This in turn gives the child self worth and helps to develop their social skills.

*We are no longer accepting cash gifts for children. If you wish to give your child a gift, please see our gift catalog where we have many options for you to bless your child .