A change in sponsorship fees: Our monthly sponsorship fee has remained the same for the last 8 years, but costs both here and overseas have continued to rise. Effective March 1, 2022, the monthly fee to sponsor a child will increase to $45 CAN. Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness!

Who We Are

Seven Wells is a faith-based development organization raising up a generation who will transform Africa.

Building a Brighter Future

Rwanda’s economy has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, and that means that our sponsored children need more than just a high school education! Two years ago we began our Post-Secondary Education program. This offers sponsors the chance to support their child through a few more years of university or technical school. The costs are higher, so some sponsors opt to increase their monthly support, but even when a sponsor can’t increase their donations, a student is still better off having some support than having none. Through this investment, we are raising the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Click on the button below to make a donation supporting these world-changers!


What We Do

Raising a generation to transform nations – That’s the big, audacious vision. How do we plan to do it? By God’s grace, we will do it this way:


Child Sponsorship

We sponsor children and build schools so children can access the educational opportunities that will allow them to support themselves and impact their community.
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Family Support

We provide capital and training, assisting the poor to start and run scalable businesses capable of creating greater employment opportunities for the community.
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We believe in the role of the church in the community. We are supporting transformational churches that are living out their faith in community supporting the poor.
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Family Empowerment through Farming

Most families in our communities depend on small gardens to feed their children. Most of these gardens are not big enough to feed the entire family and generate a little surplus for an income. You can help one of these families to lease extra land to have enough to eat and a little surplus to generate an income. In addition to land, your support will provide seeds, fertilizer, equipment, and improved farm animal breeds to complement the farming. The improved seeds, fertilizer, and animal manure ensure that families can harvest much more on the same piece of land. In just a few months, the return is sometimes up to three times what you invest, which puts the family on the right path to self-sufficiency! Click on the video to see more.