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Why We Changed Our Name

So why did we change our name from Asante Ministries to Seven Wells Ministries? In every society, there are seven major ‘wells’ or areas which shape that society. If we want to make an impact for the gospel, we need to work in these spheres. Obviously, the more of these areas we can influence, the greater our impact on the society will be. We think of these as ‘wells’ because they bring life to the people in that society. These seven wells are: family, government, commerce & science, the church, education, the arts, and media.

Our work in Asante has been growing and developing. At first it was just sponsorships (family and education), then it included vocational training (commerce), then building schools (education). It has grown to include planting churches, training for entrepreneurs (more commerce), and a media centre which trains people in video and audio production (media and the arts). So, we are currently working in six of the seven areas, and our vision is to work in all seven ‘wells’ of society before long. We are still majoring on child sponsorship and education, and if you have a sponsored child with us, your sponsorship will be unaffected by this name change.

So why have we changed our name to Seven Wells Ministries? To reflect more accurately our growing vision and influence!! Our new slogan is “Raising a generation to transform nations”. Thank you for your support!

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