So What's the Plan?

Raising a generation to transform nations - That's the big, audacious vision. How do we plan to do it? By God's grace, we will do it this way:

Child Sponsorship

Sponsors provide the entry point for a poor child to be a part of our transformational work in community. Sponsorship provides education, medical insurance to a child's family, school supplies, comprehensive family support through Seven Wells' holistic development programs. Children and their sponsors are encouraged to be in frequent communication with one another.


Without education, it is difficult to break the cycle of poverty. Seven Wells has built primary schools in Rwanda and Burundi, and supports schools in Uganda for our sponsored children. We take children through primary and secondary schools and where possible, place them in technical/university schools and support the graduates with tools to help them start their own businesses and careers upon graduation.

Our vision is to educate children so that they graduate with the skills they need to become agents of change in their communities.

Business and Entrepreneurship

On top of training the poor in simple business principles, we provide support in a number of ways:

a) Startup Loans - We provide startup loans to help them launch their businesses. We are currently assisting groups and individuals in developing several new business endeavours.

b) Sewing Schools - Seven Wells trains woman in sewing and tailoring skills. The schools have graduated close to 300 woman since their start in 2005. Many of the graduates are now self-sufficient and can afford the basic necessities of life.

c) Animal Husbandry - Since the program started in 2005, we have given out more than 2,000 animals to woman, many of whom are widows. They breed these animals and sell the offspring for a profit, using the animal waste as fertilizer in their own gardens. This program is very useful for woman who can't read or write and therefore find doing business or attending our sewing schools a bit challenging.

d) Media Training - We also run a media training school to train young people in video production skills

Church Planting

Recognizing that the church is the Bride of Christ and plays a central part in God's plan to transform nations, we do three things:

1. We partner with local churches in Africa to serve their families and impact their communities.

2. We are planing a new breed of indigenous African churches which can be training and sending centres, commissioning and unleashing awesome warriors for the kingdom into every well of society. Watch out world! Here they come!

3. We partner with churches in North America and Europe to effect transformation in lives and communities in Africa. This partnership may involve financial support, sponsoring children, sending mission teams, or practical involvement in their area.

Mission Partners

We receive short and long term missionaries who can help make a change in the Seven Wells of a community. We bring them in to serve shoulder to shoulder with local people, transferring the skills necessary for development and progress. Our dream is that they connect with the heartbeat of Africa through these interactions and become advocates for Seven Wells' work in their churches and communities back home.

Both short and long-term mission teams are welcome to come to Africa year round. Our objectives are for every team member to discover, develop, and use personal gifts and talents to bless the community. We are stronger together than we are individually!