Who We Are

Seven Wells is a faith-based development organization raising up a generation who will transform Africa.

How We Do It

We sponsor children and build schools so children can access the educational opportunities that will allow them to support themselves and impact their community.

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We provide capital and training, assisting the poor to start and run scalable businesses capable of creating greater employment opportunities for the community.

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We believe in the role of the church in the community. We are supporting transformational churches that are living out their faith in community, supporting the poor and those in need.

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Our Name

In order for things to go right in any society, there are seven areas that must be going right. We call them the “Seven Wells of Society.”  All our work is aimed at restoring the integrity and health of these Seven Wells of society. We are training a new generation that will transform communities by restoring the health and integrity in all spheres of society.



Seven Wells of society

Formerly known as


why did we change our name to Seven Wells? In every society, there are seven major ‘wells’ or areas which shape society… READ MORE…

Seven Wells Ministries

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