** Formerly known as Asante Ministries

Why We Changed Our Name

Who We Are?

Seven Wells Ministries (Canada) is a faith-based development organization raising up a generation who will transform Africa by overcoming poverty, illiteracy and the results of conflict. Our focus is on children, youth, and the disadvantaged, supporting them to achieve their God-given potential so they can join in the development of their nation.

What's The Big Vision?



- Education and Training

Building and supporting schools for the poor so that they can access educational opportunities that will allow them to support themselves and impact all the wells of their community.

- Business and Entrepreneurship

Assisting the poor with training and capital to start and run scalable businesses capable of creating greater employment opportunities for the community.

- Church planting and support

Supporting and planting transformational churches that are living out their faith in community, transforming all Seven Wells of society.

Why "Seven Wells"

Just as God created individual human beings with a wonderful design, so He also created the systems that give life to a nation. We call these the "Wells of Society" - each designed by God, and intended to bless individuals and nations. However, since the fall, these no longer function in a healthy manner, therefore nations fail to thrive.

Our vision is to reclaim each of these Seven Wells so that they function according to God's original design, bringing life to natiosn and individuals.

These Seven Wells of Society are

  • The Well of Family
  • The Well of Business and Commerce
  • The Well of Religion
  • The Well of Government
  • The Well of Education
  • The Well of Media
  • The Well of Art and Entertainment